Kerry Mansfield’s photography career began at the ripe old age of 10 years old. Thanks to her father, she was given a tiny 35mm point and shoot camera with a cute flashcube on top. Unfortunately, Kerry’s initial foray into portraiture led to exposed rolls of film featuring relatives missing their heads. Consequently, this began her burgeoning love of fashion instead.

Shortly thereafter Kerry corralled her favorite stuffed animals, best colored pencils and packs of Hubba-Bubba gum to craft her first still life images. Slowly her obsession with fashion and beauty turned into her teenage dream of becoming the Editor in Chief of the New York Times Sunday Fashion Magazine. As luck would have it, a few unexpected twists and turns on the proverbial path of life led her towards shooting still life photography instead of curating it.

Fast-forward many years ahead, Kerry has become an accomplished advertising and fine art photographer. Her subject matter transitioned from fluffy teddy bears to Fendi shoes and modern architecture but her desire to craft flawless images has only grown stronger. You never know, she may sneak a colored pencil or two in there for posterity.

Kerry’s known for her conceptual photography that turns ideas into images while staying focused on her unwavering commitment to capturing finely made merchandise or a stunning modernist space. For her, a concept can be manifested a thousand ways and every subject has a position in our material world with it’s own voice. There is always a story of origin, present and future and Kerry loves learning the story for what her clients are trying to achieve.

Amongst many notable award and exhibitions, in 2015 Kerry’s commercial still life work won a place in the PDN Photo Annual for self-promotion. Kerry is well known for her ambitious personal projects as well. Most recently, her fine art series Expired garnered a spot in the PDN Photo Annual for the second year in a row and a feature on the New York Times LensBlog. Achieving another life long dream, her first monograph of Expired will be released in 2016.

Kerry is based in San Francisco but willing to travel to any location on the globe, preferably one with undiscovered beauty products, leather goods and an excess of chocolatiers.